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Hey!! Thanks for wanting to know a little more about me.


I'm Colombian but I've been living in the beautiful city of Buenos Aires (Argentina) for some years now. Since 2005 I've been working as a 3D and Motion Graphics artist for TV shows and commercials for all around the world.


I love animation and I'm really passionate about watching it, talking about it and making it. My professional goal is to be a Character Animator and to start fulfilling it I studied at Animation Mentor (If you want to check my AM stuff please visit my Blog or my Vimeo Channel).


From my family I got the love for arts and music, so I spend my free time playing the bass guitar, the drums or sketching. From them I also got the passion for problem solving, for finding solutions or more efficient ways to execute tasks and that is why I enjoy learning about software programming too.


Please feel free to visit my Blog or my Linkedin to get some more insight on my work.


Thanks a lot for visiting!!!

About Chris Granados - Xian