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Hey everyone!!

This is my new 3D reel for 2012. Also made a new web so you can go there and check the breakdown for each shot or watch the full commercials.

Music by, a remix made by William Noise Bleed

Youtube mirror:

Hope you like it!! Please leave your comments!!

CGTalk just did a Meet the Artist session with Neil Blevins, one of the artist I admire the most.

Meet the Artist at CGTalk – NEIL BLEVINS

And here is the thread where he answered some questions. Too bad I got so late, haha. But it was a pleasure to read.

Ok, given the economic crisis, I have to make whatever I can to make money, hahaha.

I’ve always wanted to make a little compilation with my Motion Graphics work. So here it is. Hope you like it. Please leave your comments!!

Credits and very big thanks to Juan Geist, Rixi Gomez, Daniela Parasporo, Lorena Ruiz, Daniel Godoy and Eva Irungaray.



Music track:
Velandia y la tigra, So what? (Tons que). Oh Porno.

Ufff, tres largos años sin publicar nada en el blog. Pero bueno, que mejor que volver con un resumen!!

Terminé mi nuevo Demo Reel 2010. Lo pueden ver en mi página

Tambien hay un mirror en Vimeo Chris Granados Vimeo

Y un mirror en Youtube:
Chris Granados -Xian Youtube

Créditos y agradecimientos infinitos tengo que dar a Juan Geist, Ariel Ordas, Chiro, Ricardo Gomez, Magui Solla y Juan Jose Cuadrado, todos excelentes amigos y compañeros de trabajo de los que he aprendido millones de cosas.

El sonido, que es mejor que el reel en si, jajaja, fue editado por mi hermano Diego Granados. El tema base es de Nine Inch Nails.

Breakdown en Español.

Espero que les guste!! Muchas gracias por seguir visitando el blog, seguire publicando cosas pero esta vez más seguido 🙂

Saludos a todos!!!


This is my first 3D reel. I’ve been working on these 3D projects for the last 1 1/2 year or so. All these works where made for diferent TV shows produced in Cuatro Cabezas (Argentina). In the future I’d like to be a character animator, but for the moment I have to work to live, jaja.

Credits and very big thanks to Juan Geist, Ariel Ordas, Chiro, Ricardo Gomez, Magui Solla y Juan Jose Cuadrado, excelent friends and workmates from who I’ve learned a whole lot of things.

The sound editing, which is better than the reel, jaja, was made by my brother Diego Granados. The main song is from Nine Inch Nails.

Breakdown in English.

Hope you like it and please leave me your comments!!!

Esta vez les traigo un TAG comercial que hice en Branderthal, productora basada en Argentina. Este trabajo tiene la particularidad de que fue hecho con fotos en su totalidad. Los lugares de los viajes son fotos que yo recorté y pinté en Photoshop, separándolas en layers, para dejarlas listas para animar en After Effects. Las que más me gustaron fueron la de los Formula 1 y la del tipo eskiando. La base gráfica y conceptual la hicieron, respectivamente, Carolina Bock y Daniel Godoy, compañeros de Branderthal.

TAG Braun Experience



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I'm a Colombian living in Buenos Aires (Argentina) and working as a CG Generalist and Motion Graphics artist for TV shows and commercials for all around the world.
My professional goal is to be a Character Animator and to help me fulfill it I studied at Animation Mentor. (read more...)

Character Animation Reel 2014

Character Animation Reel 2014
It took a lot longer than I expected but after two broken arms, one graduation, many months of recovery and some crazy projects in between, here it is, my Character Animation reel. What a journey, and this is just the beginning!! Hope you like it 😉

Class 1 Progress Reel

Class 1 Progress Reel
So, this is my Progress Reel for Class 1 of Animation Mentor. Again, I really want to thank Don Kim for sharing all his knowledge with us. And of course, thank you classmates!! Without your comments and support this wouldn’t be half of what it is, haha Chris Granados Animation Mentor Progress Reel Class 1 […]

End of Class 1

End of Class 1
Ok, this is a sad but happy moment. I don’t think I’ve ever felt this way for school. I mean, I do want to take a break (because I had to work my ass off, haha) but I really want to keep learning from such great people (mentors and students). Last Q&A was really fun, […]
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