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BIG update to the script. Please visit: Script for Maya, based upon Worn Edges by Neil Blevins

-Added more code optimizations to make the script faster.
-Changed the way the UI is created so please use the new code.

-NEW Videotutorial!!


Hope you find it useful!!

This script was used by my fellow artist Adriana Nieto as a base to paint and add Worn Edges for the soldiers in the Redoxon Video game project.

Ver 2.3
UPDATE(21-10-2012): Optimized a few lines to make the script faster.

Look for more in these links:

Script for Maya, based upon Worn Edges by Neil Blevins

cgx_wornEdges at Creative Crash

While working on the Redoxon project I found the need to adapt the cgx_angleBetweenVectors script to something that helped us modify the normals of geometry using an angle threshold.

This is the resulting script cgx_softHardNormals . Feel free to use it and experiment with it.

Place the .py file in your scripts folder, restart Maya and execute the following code from a Python tab in your Script Editor:


Thanks for watching and reading!!

Look for more here:

Script for Maya, based upon Worn Edges from Neil Blevins

There is a new Help section in the script to clarify things further.

PD: And yes, switching to English only from now on. It’s too painful to have to write every single thing in two different languages, haha.

A workmate asked me how I found the angle between the vectors (which is the most important process of the cgx_wornEdges script) so that he could apply the same technique in other software. The truth is that in the Maya script I used an specific MEL function but this angle can be found using some Linear Algebra.

So I did another script that does all this mathematic for you an this is just pure Python, which means you can use it in any other soft that works with Python.


Basically, you have to call the script passing two arguments (the two vectors) and the script will return the resulting angle in degrees.

I left four lines of code that you can uncomment if you want to test how this works. Here you have those lines as well (Remember to place the .py file in your scripts folder):

Hope this will be useful.


PD: In Khan Academy you’ll find more info about the math behind this.

Un companiero del trabajo me pregunto como habia hecho para encontrar el angulo entre los vectores (que es la parte mas importante del script cgx_wornEdges) para poder aplicar el mismo proceso en otros programas. La verdad es que en el script para Maya lo hice con una funcion especifica de MEL pero ese angulo se puede descubrir usando un poco de algebra lineal.

Hice otro script que hace toda esta matematica pero esta vez es Python puro y duro por lo cual lo pueden usar en cualquier soft que les acepte Python.


Basicamente tienen que llamar al script pasandole dos argumentos (los dos vectores) y el script les va a devolver el angulo en grados.

Puse cuatro lineas de codigo que pueden “descomentar” para testear como funciona.

Espero que les sirva.


PD: En Khan Academy pueden encontrar mas data sobre la matematica detras de esto.

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