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James Baxter is one of today’s animators I admire the most. I was lucky enough to have Dimos Vrysellas (another super talented animator who worked side by side with James) as my mentor for Class 3 at AM. It was pure fun to hear all the good stories from Dreamworks. Look for some pencil tests by James here Inspiring stuff!!

BIG update to the script. Please visit: Script for Maya, based upon Worn Edges by Neil Blevins

-Added more code optimizations to make the script faster.
-Changed the way the UI is created so please use the new code.

-NEW Videotutorial!!


Hope you find it useful!!

A colleague posted this over at Facebook. I just couldn’t stop laughing. This reality applies not only to the games industry but to TV and movies as well.

You work with no stop, study complex new stuff in your free time and you compete with people 100 lightyears ahead of you in terms of access to education, resources and experience.

Is it possible to make it? It is, but it is no joke.

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About me

I'm a Colombian living in Buenos Aires (Argentina) and working as a CG Generalist and Motion Graphics artist for TV shows and commercials for all around the world.
My professional goal is to be a Character Animator and to help me fulfill it I studied at Animation Mentor. (read more...)

Character Animation Reel 2014

Character Animation Reel 2014
It took a lot longer than I expected but after two broken arms, one graduation, many months of recovery and some crazy projects in between, here it is, my Character Animation reel. What a journey, and this is just the beginning!! Hope you like it 😉

Class 1 Progress Reel

Class 1 Progress Reel
So, this is my Progress Reel for Class 1 of Animation Mentor. Again, I really want to thank Don Kim for sharing all his knowledge with us. And of course, thank you classmates!! Without your comments and support this wouldn’t be half of what it is, haha Chris Granados Animation Mentor Progress Reel Class 1 […]

End of Class 1

End of Class 1
Ok, this is a sad but happy moment. I don’t think I’ve ever felt this way for school. I mean, I do want to take a break (because I had to work my ass off, haha) but I really want to keep learning from such great people (mentors and students). Last Q&A was really fun, […]
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