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Sup guys!!

There are definitely times where I just can’t critique someone’s work. They are far ahead of me even though they’re in my same class. And that’s so awesome!! I can’t believe how much I learn by looking at their work and sharing ideas with them.

So this post is just BIG, HUGE, ENORMOUS, thanks to each and every one of my classmates. You’re making AM time one of the best things I’ve done with my life 🙂

Today was my last day at Muucine. I had an AWESOME time there, to say the least. Really great group of artists, all very talented. Thanks a lot guys!! I’ll miss you!! Gracias chicos, se les extraniara 🙂

An old picture with some of them (yep, the same people who helped me win the Scavenger Hunt at AM by dancing like crazy, haha):

Muu Cine crew

I’ll start working this Monday on another production company called Gizmo. We’ll see what the future brings.

Hey everyone!!

I’m not using AM ball rigs for the first assignments. I’m using a rig I did following the awesome rigging tutorials by Jason Schleifer.

I find it has more flexibility in the SS control, since it has rotation independence from the main control of the ball and you can change the SS pivot to anywhere you want.

You can download the ball here: BALL RIG

It has a simple ramp texture applied pretending to be a basketball, haha.

Have fun!!

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I'm a Colombian living in Buenos Aires (Argentina) and working as a CG Generalist and Motion Graphics artist for TV shows and commercials for all around the world.
My professional goal is to be a Character Animator and to help me fulfill it I studied at Animation Mentor. (read more...)

Character Animation Reel 2014

Character Animation Reel 2014
It took a lot longer than I expected but after two broken arms, one graduation, many months of recovery and some crazy projects in between, here it is, my Character Animation reel. What a journey, and this is just the beginning!! Hope you like it 😉

Class 1 Progress Reel

Class 1 Progress Reel
So, this is my Progress Reel for Class 1 of Animation Mentor. Again, I really want to thank Don Kim for sharing all his knowledge with us. And of course, thank you classmates!! Without your comments and support this wouldn’t be half of what it is, haha Chris Granados Animation Mentor Progress Reel Class 1 […]

End of Class 1

End of Class 1
Ok, this is a sad but happy moment. I don’t think I’ve ever felt this way for school. I mean, I do want to take a break (because I had to work my ass off, haha) but I really want to keep learning from such great people (mentors and students). Last Q&A was really fun, […]
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